The Training Diaries

WHO: me, duh

WHAT: My first EVER training cycle. Yes, ever.

WHEN: I started this past Friday, and will be doing a 4 week training plan.

WHY: Somehow I have gotten away without properly training in my first 13 years of rock climbing, but the time has come. The dreaded plateau. 

When I first moved to Colorado, I improved drastically solely from the increase in the accessibility to the gym, outdoor boulders, and thus, the amount that I was climbing skyrocketed (see: Attitude Adjustment). All I was doing was rock climbing and I was getting better. There was no argument against that, and I didn’t understand why people did any sort of cross training (see: Training snapshot).

However, I climbed my first V10 three years ago, and climbed my first V10 in a session two years ago. Since then, I have climbed 21 V10’s… but only 2 V11’s, both of which are on the softer end of the grade. Climbing a solid V11, and also becoming a solid V11 climber, have been goals of mine for at least a year now. But I hit a wall when it comes to that. I am extremely confident in my ability to climb V10, but something doesn’t line up with V11. Whether it be mental, physical, or likely a combination of the two, I am ready to break through the plateau.

HOW: My weekly plan consists of 2 days cardio with a focus on leg power, 2 days fingerboard max hangs, 1 day campus board, 1 outdoor climbing day, and 1 rest day. Core (5 days) and gym climbing (3 days) are included, with the climbing focused on intentional movement and easier volume to ensure I don’t just get strong and completely forget how to rock climb.

SO, I am super psyched and can already tell that  I am working way harder than I ever have before. The lovely community at the Denver Bouldering Club has been super encouraging and it makes me feel motivated. I know that I am going to get tired and grumpier later, so it’s good to start off in really high spirits.

I’m going to try and keep fairly good records on here of my moods, gains, and general thoughts on how the training is going. In addition, touch on some other aspects of climbing and training (i.e. details of my mental block, weight and climbing, etc.). So stay tuned if you would like to follow along!