One Week


It’s been a week since I arrived in Bishop, and Riley and I are each on our respective learning curves.

On night number one, Riley peed all over the bed but now he knows that the car is home. Similarly, I am adapting to this idea, minus the peeing. What little things become comforting, comfortable, when you live inside a moving box. Stuffed into a sleeping bag, coloring book in the lap, listening to an audio book before falling asleep each night. Trying to create routine without the 9-5, the to-do lists, the steady nature of “normal” life.

Adjusting the attitude. How easy it is to be reserved, non-acknowledging when you are in your regular setting, surrounded by the usual people. How much more open you must become, grateful for any small chatter. Relearning the give and take of conversation instead of dumping your day on someone you know will listen.  But realizing how easy it is to connect to people who are chasing the same passion. Instant understanding and the pleasant surprise of how nice it is just to talk for an hour instead of crawling into your car as soon as it gets dark. Yes, I am learning how to be alone, but also how to be a person among familiar strangers.