Attitude Adjustment

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Ok, ok, I finally have internet in my apartment and now I really have no excuse to avoid blogging.  Plenty has happened in the past two months, but I shall not bore you all with overly detailed gushing of how amazing/beautiful/stunning/etc. Colorado is.  It’s awesome, and I’ll leave it at that.

However, I will say how thankful I am that the climbing community in Denver is beyond anything I could have hoped for.  I came in expecting to be sized up by every climber at the gym, only to be accepted if I reached a certain threshold of strength and instead was immediately welcomed into a crew of badass, psyched climbers who all happen to have jobs.

Ok, all mushiness aside now.  We all know why we are here: so we can read Juliet sort through her thoughts in the most rambly of fashions.  And I promise you, I will not disappoint.

I have undergone a huge change in lifestyle in the last two months:

  • I have a job instead of being a student = I have a life instead of being a student
  • I get to climb outside every single weekend (waaaat!!!) instead of climbing outside maybe once every 1 or 2 months
  • The boulders are 30-70 miles away instead of 300 miles away
  • The gym is 6 miles away instead of 70 miles away

Ya girl is psyched. But inevitably, problems have arisen.  The fact that I am climbing 4-5 times a week rather than 1-2 times has resulted in some fingy issues.  I already had tendinitis in my left pinky, but it has now flared up to the point that my left ring finger has been strained from overcompensating.  *sigh*  Additionally, I have put enormous expectations upon myself.  Climbing V10 has been the goal from day 1 of moving to Colorado: there are so many more 10’s to choose from and with the extra training and climbing… it seems so attainable [side note: I’m ignoring the fact that Crimping Matters is the biggest V9/10 slashy slash ever and the world will never decide on one grade].  But I look at 10s and get a mental block.  Because they look so hard. And feel so hard.  And I give up and decide to go climb the classic 8 over there cause it seems more fun and I want to do a new boulder.

This adversity to projecting is because I’m stuck in the mindset that I am still in the Southeast.  And the boulders are 300 miles away.  I don’t have time to spend more than 2 sessions on a climb and I have to send quick or I have wasted so much time and money.  It’s been so hard to shake this mentality.  It is hard to tell myself that it’s ok to spend a day under one boulder working out the moves and going home without a new climb ticked.  For a while, I told myself that I was just building my pyramid and it was fine to avoid the harder climbs.  But it’s not ok and it’s time for an attitude adjustment.

It’s time to try harder.  It’s time to get over the fact that 10 is going to feel hard and will take more than 2 sessions.  The ego needs to be put aside and I need to go flail.  Fall on my ass over and over and go home without standing on top of a new boulder.  I need to get after it!!!

And with that, here are the boulders that I am going to try [and try for more than 5 minutes]


  • Bush Pilot (V11)
  • The Kind Traverse (11)
  • Baby Otech (10)
  • Running Scared (11)


  • Unshackled (10)
  • Clear Blue Skies (11)
  • Public Execution (10)

I feel like that’s a pretty good start 😀

Thanks for reading and also Paper Bird is playing in November in Boulder someone come with me plz.