the hawtest doods

I’m really bored at work right now waiting for #science to happen, and thus I have decided to compile a list of my biggest climber boi crushes hehe

1) Alex Megos

Alright, so arguably Megos has a baby face and thus can only be deemed as “cute” but not “hawt”.  I wholeheartedly disagree.  After watching him totally crush at the La Sportiva Legends Only competition… a bouldering comp when Megos is primarily a sport climber… my heart fluttered.  What. A. Beast.

2) Alex Honnold

Droooool. Running into him on the street, you might think he’s a bit goofy lookin’… but what makes him so attractive to me is his mind.  His ability to stay so chill while climbing 5.12 cracks without a rope? Damn, that’s hawt.

3) Chris Sharma

I mean… he’s Chris Sharma. ‘Nuff said.

4) Jan Hojer

Hey, I’m not one to complain that Hojer makes almost every World Cup final.  He’s pretty easy on the eyes while destroying plastic blocs.  Plus him and Jule Wurm <3333 are easily one of my favorite climbing couples.

5) David Mason

My crush on David Mason has only developed recently after watching Project Mina… and seeing how supportive he is of Mina Leslie-Wujastyk in both her indoor and outdoor feats (they are my fav climber couple <3).  Not to mention he is hella strong himself.  Additionally, his climbing videos are some of my favorite: uncut, single angle footy of actual send goes with the chillest music in the background.  If his filming style matches his personality, he’s gotta be one cool dood.

New Year, New Psyche

NEW YEAR, NEW ME!!! err… Ok, maybe not quite. I’m pretty sure my goals didn’t change much between December 31, 2014 and January 1, 2015, but the New Year makes a good check-in point nonetheless.

Admittedly, the beginning of the bouldering season started a little shaky for me.  I barely got outside, and when I did I was having some mental/confidence issues.  It’s been about a year and a half since I started climbing again after a 3 year break and this is my second outdoor bouldering season.  The novelty of the southeastern boulder fields has worn off and my days of sending 5 new climbs every day are over here.  For the most part, the climbs that I could do in a session are done and it’s time to start picking climbs to project.  And this means my climbing trips are going to be filled with a lot more… failure.  In a sense.  Driving home from a weekend without sending anything new is a strong possibility.

This bothered me at first. Really bothered me.  I felt like I was wasting time and money travelling if I wasn’t even going to finish hard climbs.  I was disappointed in myself for not being stronger and mad at myself for not training strictly or not eating as well as I should be.  This shitty self-talk followed me for the entirety of the semester and even into the beginning of my trip to Chattanooga this past month.  I was completely accomplishment focused.  If I wasn’t sending, I was failing.  Since I was failing, that’s gotta mean I just suck at rock climbing.  And if I suck at rock climbing, I should probably just stop.

Never have I been so thankful that I can’t stand Northern Virginia.  I finished up my week in Chattanooga and went back for Christmas thinking that I would stay home for the rest of Winter Break.  Done spending time and money to go fail, excited to sleep a ton, and content with climbing plastic.  However, traffic with overly aggressive drivers, rows upon rows of perfectly identical houses, and the same 50 plastic boulders get pretty old pretty quickly.  My dad and I had to go visit my grandma in Chapel Hill after Christmas and I figured that was as good an opportunity as any to roll over to Boone for a few days.

I love to rock climb.  Sitting under a boulder and figuring it out piece by piece.  Not being able to do a single move, but staying with it to understand the body positions, sticking individual moves, making small links, figuring out microbeta, then having a lucky go where it all comes together and you’re on top.  Every boulder is it’s own mental battle.  Telling myself, I can’t, I can’t, I can’t.  Stepping back, chilling out, then telling myself I can. I can. Taking some deep breaths, then executing.  Every boulder is it’s own lesson.  Whether it’s something physical or mental, I am always learning on every move, every hold, every fall.  And man, that is fucking beautiful.