Unfinished Business

Climbs Left Unfinished:

  • French Maid: Rumbling Bald
  • The Politician: Rumbling Bald
  • Mighty Mouse: Grandmother
  • Matt’s Prow: Lost Cove
  • Chapter 13: Lost Cove
  • Conditions: Lost Cove 
  • Senderella: 221
  • Preferential Treatment: Blowing Rock

Climbs Left Untouched:

  • Portobello: Blowing Rock
  • Pinch the Loaf: Blowing Rock
  • Tendon Sandwich: Blowing Rock
  • Black 45: 221 

Guess I’ll just have to wait until next season :p


A bad day in Boone is a good day anywhere else.

Today, theoretically, should have been a really shitty day.  I hiked probably close to 4-5 miles trying to find friends at Blowing Rock, got pretty lost in the woods twice (for like 30 minutes), and the weather was crazy hot.  Not to mention Bart (the bunny I’m petsitting) chewed through my iPhone charger cord after I got home and I had to go buy a new one 😡 Damn bunny…

Had all of the above happened in Virginia, I would be throwing a massive fit right now.  But I found my friend, got to climb some dope lines, and saw an amazing sunset in the mountains as we were hiking out.  My thighs will be sore tomorrow, but I’m going to sleep as a happy gal.


Colt 45, Blowing Rock, NC